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Storm Damage


At S&K Contractors, we’re prepared to assist you with issues caused by storm damage. These can include:

Storm Damage

  • Wind Damage: Wind can cause a lot of damage to your building or home, including roof damage, leaking roofs, damaged siding, broken windows or doors, damaged gutters, fallen trees, damage from flying debris, or other structural damage.
  • Lightning Strikes: Lighting can destroy or damage your electrical system, can damage your chimney or air conditioning units, or can start a fire in your building. It can damage or destroy computers, modems, and other electronics. Lighting can strike directly, or can travel through plumbing lines or gas lines.
  • Hail: Hail can cause roof damage, siding damage, or damage to accessories such as skylights. In some cases, the damage from hail may not be immediately apparent, but can result in serious maintenance problems later, such as leaks in your roof.

At S&K Contractors, we offer a 24-hour emergency response service. We know that time is of the essence when you’re dealing with storm damage. We’ll come on site, temporarily tarp your building or board windows if needed, meet with you, assess and estimate the damage, and make repairs or renovations to your home or building. We are licensed insurance adjusters and are highly experienced at working with the insurance industry to make sure your claims are processed as smoothly as possible.

S&K Contractors is an emergency relief business if you are in a storm damaged area. Our offices in Fort Mill, Nashville, and Myrtle Beach allow us to respond to storms in a wide area. We will travel out of our area to help out in a major storm, as well. Contact us!