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Metal Roofing Systems


Metal roofing systems can be a great option to replace your current roof. Metal roofing is a great alternative for many reasons. Metal roofs are light weight and very energy efficient. Unlike asphalt roofs (which need re-roofing between every 12 to 20 years) metal roofs boast a much longer lifespan as they will not decompose. These roofs can also withstand every weather condition Mother Nature has to offer.

Nearly impervious to normal weather conditions, metal roofs resist fire, hail, and high winds, while naturally shedding snow. Some metal roofing materials are coated with a reflective coating that can boost energy efficiency better than other roof types by reflecting the sun’s heat.

Over time, metal roofs save money because another roof replacement will not be necessary. Metal roofs are largely maintenance free and most metal roofs come with a 30 to 50 year warranty. Some insurance companies may even offer discounts to homeowners with metal roofs (contact your insurance agent to find out about your specific policy)!

We offer 5V Crimp Style and Corrugated metal roofing systems. Discover the variety of looks available.